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women and men. and so i simply cannot start without saying thank you for your service. [applause] nato, i believe, is an increasingly dysfunctional organization. and if it continues to go the way it is now it will become rather inconsequential for the security of europe and the net estates. that is kind of the theme of my book. and i also believe, however, that nato is extremely important and that it has, in some way, to be redone. so let me reveal the mystery of this book, "nato 2.0: reboot or delete?." someone says, are you going to give away which one it is? will do that. it is rebuilt, not delete. i wrote this book for everyone. it is terribly important for young people to understand what nato was, is so that they can then play their part in supporting people who are trying to change it. interestingly, the name that i chose, "nato 2.0: reboot or delete?", ran into some difficulty with the search engines on online bookstores. you know, when you go in and search for a book. if you like this book you like these other books. welcome all the books there were picking out were computer bo
have chosen i can not start without saying thank you for your service to -- . [applause] nato i believe this increasingly dysfunctional organization. if it continues to go the way it is now it will become rather inconsequential for security of europe and the united states. that is kind of the theme of my book and i also believe however that nato is extremely important in some way house to be redone so let me reveal the mystery of the book reboot or delete?" somebody said will you give away which one it is? i will do that. it is every boot. i think it is terribly important for young people to understand what nato was in is so they can play their part to support people who are trying to change it. interestingly, the name that i chose "nato 2.0" reboot or delete?" ran into some difficulty with the on-line search engines to know when you search for a book you really like these other books of the other books were computer books do like your own computer? i think they are having that fixed. nato is one of those institutions set up after the second world war ii help keep the piece and to help
, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." the taliban continued to attack nato forces, but one u.s. senator tells us american troops must leave the country even sooner. a long march across africa for these somali refugees. the threat of drought and civil war has driven them to desperation. >> we can scale up our operation to meet the growing need. this crisis could turn into a catastrophe. >> and a royal welcome in one of canada's most remote regions. the duke and duchess of cambridge get a taste of the great outdoors. >> welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and to our viewers across the globe. stop bombing, stop fighting, and joined the political process. that is what the british prime minister, david cameron, asked the taliban today. but even as he spoke those words on the second day of his visit to afghanistan, for nato's silk -- for nato soldiers were killed. which all begs -- which all begs the question, what happens when foreign forces withdraw? >> british troops drop in. it's an area the taliban used to control. no longer. nato is pushing out. that is
have reportedly struck libya air defenses some 60 times since nato assumed the lead role in the liberal campaign. predator drones reportedly have fired missiles on 30 occasions. most significantly, the broader range of air strikes being carried out by other nato forces depend "essential support functions provided by the united states. the war powers resolution requires the president to terminate the introduction of u.s. forces into hostilities in libya on may 20, 60 days after he notified congress of the commencement of the operation. the administration declined to offer any explanation as to its view that u.s. forces were not engaged in hostilities in libya until nearly one month later on june 15. even at that point, the administration + expedition was limited to four perfunctory extent -- sentences in a 32-page report. they focus on the question of whether the u.s. casualties are likely to occur. if this definition of hostilities were accepted, president would have significant scope to conduct warfare in remote means such as missiles and neutrons and would deny congress a say in decis
of an arrest warrant. more than 100 days before nato began military operations, anti gaddafi fighters began their operations. >> this was his very first day on the front line. a 19-year-old is being wheeled into surgery. another casualty in a besieged city where defiance is curdling into frustration. >> i don't think that nato is helping as much as they should be. there is a delay. >> amputation is the only option. a 19-year-old boy, a student in college. they're going to amputate his leg. for what? he does wants his freedom, that is all. that is all. >> of the weary defenders paused for prayers. they have held their ground here despite daily bombardments. ahead of them, the road to tripoli remains blocked. nato don't understand why does not destroy the tanks. they need to hunt down the once he is hiding. when a rebel general are rides to inspect this army, the men complain that they like bullets and guns. this visit is designed to boost morale from the fighters. the general's message was not an encouraging one. this is still going nowhere without air support. are they doing enough here? >>
journalists were taken to show what they said are the result of nato air strikes. >> look at what nato has done libyan government officials told us. that i drove us two hours from tripoli to glee town to see the results of an early morning air strike. >> libyan government officials say this building was hit by nato bombs and that it contained nothing more than food, bags of flour, but nato says this is not the case. it insists that its most recent targets were used for military purposes. the libyan government says this bomb site nearby was a lung disease clinic hit by nato at 7:00 a.m. we were told seven people were killed and three were still trapped underneath the rubble. >> on this one, here, is nurses and doctors and this is the office for the lung disease. >> but in the short time we were there we did not see rescuers stop and listen for survives -- survivors under the wreckage nor did we get the chance to go to the hospital to see any bodies, but we did see smoke rising from the rebel-held area of misratah. the explosions we heard were the small group of gaddafi supporters around us.
nation nato tour in spain. >>> the family tradition is continued as the royal couple plants roots. >>> plus, what does it take to put on a professional fireworks display? we'll take you behind the scenes with some of the best in the bay area. >>> and it's a holiday weekend and feeling just fine outside. although hot, especially inland right now 97 livermore, but cooler toward the coast. it's the place to be, isn't it? downtown san jose, you don't see me for the weather segment, you know where i'm at. i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. >>> thousands of residents are out of their homes as firefighters continue to battle the largest wildfire in the state's history. the fire has consumed roughly 162 square miles in six days, forced 12,000 reside
a taliban today. even as he spoke those words, four nato soldiers were killed in the eastern part of the country, which begs the question, what happens when foreign forces withdraw? the bbc reports. >> british troops in the helmand -- in helmand, dropping into an area the taliban previously controlled. the taliban wisely weren't there to meet them. so far, the british soldiers have not met any opposition. usually, the insurgency retreats, but not always. the villagers hope things will improve without the insurgents around. the taliban steal our food, he says. i am very poor, but if i protest, they say, you support nato. nato is successfully pushing the taliban out of places like this. in helmand, that's because 10,000 british troops were reinforced by 20,000 americans. that deployment has now peaked. david cameron said in kabul that progress was good enough to withdraw more british troops. they will make an announcement tomorrow. it will probably be just a few hundred soldiers. by 2015, there will be no british combat forces here at all. >> i think the british people deserve a dea
.k. and australia. we have been promoting cyber security on the nato agenda successfully as part of the list ben summit. we have -- lisben summit. >> the best defense is a good offense and the key elements you talked about but the threat of retaliation that it could include a military option. how, in terms of this deterrent spectrum that you are building that is reminiscent of certain cold wars of thinking that we will impose costs on you, attacker, for doing. this what are the kind of things that cyber meets cyber and what are the things that they will be responding to perhaps mill daryl. >> deter republicans is an. because of the difficulties of attribution and in some cases your adversaries, terrorist groups, rowing states won't have many assets to retaliate against, you need a deter rants regime. you are trying to swayed them from undertaking the attack in the first place. there is much more of an emphasis on deterrents by denial than in the past. >> are we doing better on the at try distribution front, who is doing this stuff where once it was vague? >> it's becoming clearer. we are getting
to get it right. for nato, it marks the beginning of the end. the exit strategy will see all british combat troops leave by 2015. afghans are now having to contemplate what the future without nato might look like. this is another province that has just been handed over. unlike helmand, there has been little fighting here for the last 10 years. they're still waiting for the dividends of peace. bombs and bullets are not the biggest killers here. it is diarrhea and on nutrition. international aid keeps this possible going. the biggest concern is what will happen when the foreign troops leave. the test for the afghan government is how to win the trust of its own people. >> there are going to be lots of questions and concerns. we acknowledge the concerns. our job is to change our institutions and the perceptions as a result of the performance of those institutions. >> the native transition is about finding the way out. -- been a to a transition is about finding the way out. -- the natio transition is about finding a way out. will it be done with dignity? >> live from singapore and london,
of the white house over the weekend. they wanted the united states to nato to stop the bombing in libya. the united nations authorized nato to launch air strikes in march. the mission was to protect the libyan people from the country's military. >> there's money for war but there's not money for jobs. there's not money for education. >> what we want -- they would be killing libyan people. >> a counterprotest featured people waving libyan flags and calling on nato to help the rebels fight against moammar gadhafi's government. the protestors say that the nato bombing is effective in stopping gadhafi's military from attacking its own people. >>> a memorial will be held in california tomorrow for former first lady, betty ford. she will then be brurd on thursday in michigan next to her husband, former president, gerald ford, at the gerald ford museum. mrs. ford died on friday. she may be best known for the rehabilitation center which bears her name. mrs. ford talked openly about her addiction to painkillers. the betty ford center has treated more than 90,000 people. >>> prince george's count
handing over responsibility for security to afghan forces. -- the nato-led force in afghanistan has begun handing over responsibility. guido westerwelle will be on hand. >> guido westerwelle was met by his afghan counterpart when he arrived in kabul. plans to withdraw german troops are taking shape but guido westerwelle gave no specifics on when it was start. >> i want to stress that we know we have a responsibility in afghanistan after 2014. also, we will not forget about afghanistan after that date. >> guido westerwelle and discussed security with hamid karzai. the taliban has continued attacks during the transition phase as control passes from nato troops to afghan forces. >> the hacker group anonymous has targeted the colombian president and one of british murdoch's papers. they say they have broken into servers belonging to nato and have got their hands on restricted material. they said that they were sitting on a gigabyte of data stolen from the military alliance. on wednesday, authorities in the u.s. and europe arrested 21 alleged members of the anonymous. nato has called the group
. nato has bombed colonel gaddafi for months, but the leader and his supporters just will not go away. william has now followed rebels in suggesting that if he gives up power, he may be able to stay inside his own country, but the government says no. >> with due respect, he cannot decide on behalf of the libyan people. what is important to us is what is important to us, not what william decides. >> and these pictures give us an idea of the defiance of colonel gaddafi. there was the man convicted of the lockerbie bombing, still alive, almost two years after he was sent home from scotland with terminal cancer. al-megrahi. we found more of this supporters on the front line with the rebels. nato has not been able to get them to surrender. it has been bombing since march. nato aircraft have made more than 16,000 sorties. they have carried out more than 6000 air strikes. still, the colonel remains. four rebels in eastern libya, moammar gaddafi's fate is cause for argument. some insist he has no future inside his country. >> we understand the libyan people want him to leave the country and p
of the regime's city compounds. nato has not confirmed any details of the operation over the city. meanwhile earlier, colonel qaddafi was heard to supporters threaten attacks in europe unless nato halts air strikes against the regime in libya. our correspondent rupert winfield hayes reports from tripoli. >> a little earlier we heard a series of loud explosions from the center of tripoli. we're not exactly sure what was hit but there are reports of large polls of black smoke rising from one particular compound in the center of the city. in the last few minutes there been more sound of jet aircraft floying over the city, anti-aircraft fire. clearly there does appear to be a nato operation going on in and around the city of tripoli this evening. this follows the largest thron station in support of the qaddafi regime we have seen here in many, many weeks. tens of thousands of pro qaddafi supporters flooded into green square this afternoon in a show of defiance n. a show of support for thia daffy regime. it was addressed by colonel qaddafi via telephone down a crackley phone line, during which he
of the regime's key city compounds. nato has not confirmed any details of operations over the city. meanwhile, earlier, colonel gaddafi was heard in an audio address to supporters, threatening attacks in europe unless nato holds his air strikes. our correspondent reports from tripoli. >> a little earlier, we heard a series of loud explosions from the center of tripoli. we're not exactly sure what was hit, but there are reports of large pulls of black smoke in the center of the city. in the last few minutes, there's been more sound of jet aircraft flying over the city. anti-aircraft fire. clearly, there does appear to be a nato operation going in and around the city of tripoli this evening. this follows the largest demonstration we've seen in many, many weeks. tens of thousands of pro-gaddafi supporters flooded into the middle of tripoli into green square this afternoon in a show of defiance and support for the gaddafi regime. it was addressed by colonel gaddafi via telephone during which he made these specific threats, to attack back, to strike back at europe. he said, we will take the battle
commander says has no direct communications with nato's air cover. how quickly will you push forward? >> we have to coordinate with the nato. when we get permission from nato, then we will go... either will we advance... >> reporter: you're waiting for nato permission? >> we're waiting for nato permission. >> reporter: the rebels now nervously guard their front again, hindered by their makeshift weapons, and because these mountain people fight in small, disjointed bands from individual, often rival, towns. after they first took this territory last week, most of the fighters just went home. this time they beefed up their numbers to try to hold on to it. the rebels here have another problem. they've taken control of their own towns, their own mountain region. but beyond here, down on the plain, there are different tribes, different people, different loyalties. and in this fight... >> we will never give up! >> reporter: heart will only take them so far. >> we are more than ready. >> reporter: can you... are you capable of doing it? >> yes, i'm capable. we are all capable. i'm a civilian. i'm n
of nato ground troops to effectively invade the nation of libya. it was ill conceived from the beginning. the benghazi based opposition, they don't have the support of the majority of libyans. one which had reportedly backed by the c.i.a. in the 1980's should never have launched an armed civil war against the government if they had no chance absent a massive nato air campaign and the introduction of nato troops. it's time to put an end to this war. vote to cut off funds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from michigan rise? >> i ask permission to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from michigan is recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker, rising unemployment continues to populate the headlines. an article last week by the a.p. points out that several cities in my state of michigan, including battle creek, which i have the privilege of representing, has big unemployment. michigan's unemployment stands at 10%. it exacerbates bad situations. we do not need more spending, ri
and bloating in a fast-acting chewable. gas-x. pressure's off. >> pelley: the nato assault on moammar qaddafi's forces is now in its 17th week. the rebels haven't succeeded in assaulting his capital, tripoli, but we wanted to know how the rebels are faring. so we asked mark phillips to check in, in the mountains outside tripoli where qaddafi's opponents have a stronghold. >> reporter: in a war known for swings of mood and fortune, there's a new judgment to the step of the soldiers joining the rebel fight against moammar qaddafi up in libya's western mountains. this has become the war's newest and most dynamic front, where the rebels have pushed closest to qaddafi's seat of power in tripoli. it's also where those manning the forward positions say qaddafi is fighting back. >> he's still shooting missile. >> reporter: on this village? >> it's dangerous for you. >> reporter: qaddafi is definitely still shooting. we were able too pull back quickly as the old soviet-style and highly inaccurate grad missiles began to drop. but the rebels held their positions under the daily barrage. this is importan
of u.s. troops in the nato mission for one year. we're going to show you the committee's one hour ten minute discussion of that resolution. earlier in the day the senate foreign relations committee heard from the state department's legal advisor, harold coe who said the president did not violate the war powers act of 19723 in intervening in libya. >> so now, like to turn to the primary reason that we're today which is the resolution on libya. i've said a lot about this in the last weeks. i think most of you know where i stand. i'm not going to tie up the committee with a long opening statement on it. i would say that we had a good hearing. i thought this morning for those who were able to be there. i think it was helpful that we heard from the legal advisor to the state department, the morning before we do consider this vote. i think he clarified the legal position and the reasoning for some of the administration's approach to this. it may not have satisfied everybody but i think it was clarified. i think this is the important thing. i would say this to all my colleagues. i know there
out of afghanistan by next summer. nato wants the handover to take place quickly. although there are questions about their abilities, the afghans say they are up to the task. that international troops and the afghan government have been very active in our province. there have been a lot of reconstruction projects. foreign soldiers have been making their presence felt. people feel safe. we are ready to take control of our destiny. >> afghan military personnel hold talks with american officers. for months, they have been planning for the start of the u.s. withdrawal. communication is still the biggest problem. but there is broad agreement on the plan of action. the u.s. has increased the pace of training of their afghan allies in recent months. the afghans need to be qualified before they can provide security. u.s. forces trained afghan policeman or retrain a pilot in five weeks. training provided by the germans in northern afghanistan last four months. but i set demands that the basic standards should be similar. >> the security situation is the most important requirement fo
breech gaining access to a large amount of nato security material and says it would be responsible to publish most material, however, it stole from nato, claiming it was about a giga bite of information. an official says nato condemns any leak of classified document chz officials say can endanger security of the allies on forces and citizens around the world. >> a new report out of washington says there is progress in talks to avoid a government default. abc news is rrting white house and house republicans are in serious discussions on the debt ceiling deal. the package reportedly includes $2 trillion in cuts, and a joint commitment to increase tax revenues. the latest report comes after optimism in the day after a comment by the house speaker john boehner. >> i think it would be irresponsible to the congress and president not to be looking at back up strategies for how to solve this problem. >> and by afternoon, both did their best to shoot down any talk that a deal was at hand. >> the fact is that there is no perfect gres to report. we continue to work on getting the most signifi
from afghanistan about america's longest war and other matters. >> nato forces in afghanistan have a new commander. general david petraeus is on the way home. he had been expected to serve longer but has been recalled to head the cia. the force he is leaving behind is now being quicker than he recommended. the insurgency has shown itself capable of hitting back with the assassinations and spectacular attacks. nato insists that they're winning. i asked the general what the possible grounds for optimism could be. >> what we have seen now is developing into a trend. in fact, this past week, yet again the level of insurgent attacks was lower, over 20% lower than the level of attacks in the same week last year. that makes nine of the last 13 weeks in which this has taken place in which the levels of attacks are lower than the corresponding time last year. that is completely contrary to what the intelligence professionals predicted. >> do you think that the strategic level, the death of bin laden, has created any new political possibilities or check political momentum or is it not possib
. a bomb killed three international service members in eastern afghanistan. nato did not give the nationalities of the troops. most of the service members in that area are americans. there's a new commander taking control of nato forces in afghanistan. general david petraeus officially handed over command today to marine lieutenant- general john allen. general petraeus will become the next cia director in september. nato has begun the first phase of handing over security to afghan forces. >>> coming up more fallout from the hacking scandal and threatening a media empire. an executive arrested and the scandal is stretching to the top of scotland yard. >>> also, what does the future hold for casey anthony? >>>>> today will be in hot. >> the heat is on, dangerous temperatures stretching across 40 states. how soon will the >>> the fallout from the phone hacking scandal is widening. now two top police officers in britain have resigned. the chief of scotland yard's stepped down last night. then this morning the assistant commissioner resigned. this comes hours after a former news of
. the u.s. and other nato allies hope that the turkish government can steady the ship without affecting the top military command any further. >> uncertainty surrounds the circumstances of the death of the libyas rebel commander. there are claims that he was murdered by people on his own side. his death adds to concerns about the rebels' ability to end the conflict and form a cosec -- cohesive government. here is a report from the area. >> it is the highest record of defection from the libyan rebellion. a man who held colonel gaddafi seized power more than that several years ago -- he gave credibility to the fighters in the east. his experience made him the ideal man to lead the rebel forces. he could speak as an equal to the libyan leader. something he did in this bbc interview days before the conflict. >> my dear brother, i had hoped you would leave. stop the annihilation of our people. >> and his relationship with gaddafi arouse suspicion. some never believed that he really defected. others refused to obey his commands. rumors swirled that he was still in contact with the british unio
overnight in the capital of tripoli are thought to be air strikes by nato fighter planes. four explosions rocked the hotel where much of the international media is stationed. there are no reports of damage or casualties. meanwhile, representatives of colonel gaddafi's government have said that they are ready to hold more talks with senior u.s. officials. the offer comes after more than four months of nato bombing raids. we report from tripoli. >> which one man still dominates life in tripoli? the answer can almost be seen from space. tonight, colonel gaddafi's supporters and build a giant picture of their leader. they say it is -- unveiled a giant picture of their leader. they say it is the biggest banner in the world and a good luck charm. >> do you want to protect him? >> we will protect him. we will burn down all the world. >> we were invited to watch the demonstrators in tripoli square. >> where ever you look here, there are pictures of colonel gaddafi. he will not appear in public because of the nato bombing campaign. his supporters have to make do with photographs instead of the rea
of coordinating the rebels operations with nato. i asked what happens during the morning offense. >> the gaddafi forces are running so quickly and they have left their weapons and their ammunition. >> we have heard some complaints about a lack of action from nato from your side. how have they been acting over the past 24 hours? >> we need their support it. we are coordinating and we have planned a very well our offensive this time. >> thank you very much. >> we can hear those airplanes overhead which must be nato jets because of the no-fly zone. it is pretty much trench warfare that has been going on here in these fields. progress is very slow. we have heard and seen the rebels' advance in the past only to be forced back to their original positions. it will be crucial to see whether they managed to hold this advance they're making in the weeks and days to come. >> this is "newsday," on the bbc. >> the headlines for you. david cameron has defended his integrity during a special session of parliament. >> the irish prime minister has accused the roman catholic hierarchy of putting the power and rep
. chairman, we should not turn our backs on the libyan people. i want to remind my colleagues that nato's campaign in libya has saved countless lives. our actions and those of nato were the only thing that stopped gaddafi from committing unspeakable crimes against humanity. mr. ellison: in fact, when the united states and nato intervened, gaddafi was on the footsteps of misrata and threatening to kill without mercy. gaddafi's forces were on the brink of benghazi hours before nato operation began. gaddafi literally said that he would kill people with "no mercy, no pity." he said he would go "house by house and room by room." those are the words of a ruthless killer, and we had to do something, and i'm glad that we did. constituents in my district whose roots come from libya have made it clear to me that they want me to stand together with humanity, stand together with honorable people. but let me be clear, this is not iraq, and this will not be the iraq war. we did not unilaterally declare war on another country. on the contrary, our actions with the international community, sanctioned b
in libya, the capital rocked by a new round of nato airstrikes. one target set off a series of explosions, that lasted at least a half-hour. this is coming after muammar qaddafi delivered a speech vowing never to surrender. leland vittert streaming live from misurata. leland? >> indeed, there has been a lot of fighting on both fronts, number one, of course, coming from nato and, number 2, the rebels themselves, launched a massive offensive on the oil town of brega, held by qaddafi for months and is key in allowing him to continue this is war effort and he needs fuel and is not able to bring it in by sea and if this rebels take brega, it will be an enormous boost in terms of morale and will cripple qaddafi and have a huge economic impact with the rebels, because they can export oil, however they have taken he have casualties, it is well defended by a dug-in qaddafi force and, the narrative is they don't that he have discipline or weapons they -- don't have the discipline or weapons they need to gain new ground without the help of nato airstrikes. speaking of those airstrikes, we saw that l
, clearing the way for more pre-trial hearings. >> of russia and nato have failed to narrow their differences on missile defense. at a meeting monday, russia warning military alliance against unilaterally proceeding with plans for a missile defense system herere in europe. despite the lack of agreement come up russian president dmitry medvedev was upbeat on the meetings, saying they had been fruitful. need a's secretary general said talks would continue -- nato's secretary-general said talks would continue keeping the former head of the international monetary fund could be facing a new sexual assault investigation. of french writer is set to file charges in monday. she alleges thahat strauss-khan tried to rape her. he denies the charges and says he will sue for slander. will breeze default on its debts -- greece default on its debts? what's it all depends on how you define "defog." -- "default." new problems as monday when the standard and poor's rating agency said the leading proposal under consideration will likely bring the country into a form of the fault. the comments from standard and p
. they are trying to drive a wedge between the nato countries. italy has more to lose here than most. >> hthe italian government needs to talk about libyan oil. >> it is smacking of desperation, from a goverment isolated under pressure. thehy depend on oil in the upcoming harvest. the oil crisis could yet prove the decisive factor in removing the colonel from power. >> still to come on tonight's program. italy is the latest country to roll out austerity measures to keep the debt crisis at bay. to afghanistan. five people were killed in a blast in a mosque. a man hid explosives in his turban. this took place during a memorial service for karzai's brother, wh owao was assassinat. four other brothers anwere there but were not hurt. >> another deadly attack. they were attending a service for the president's half- brother. they were taken away as elite police unites secured the area. among the dead, an influential cleric, a man against the taliban. the bomb may have been targeted at the elite, but the brunt was borne by afghans. others die from nato airstrikes. six villagers died in this raid, to
this that if that is going to be a precondition from the u.s. and its allies and nato before negotiations can take place. but this was a three-hour meeting, john, according to the state department. officials have spoken to us. and if they were just giving one clear blunt message, gadhafi had to step down, clearly a bit more than that was discussed at that meeting. >> and ivan, as we watch to see whether it continues, or whether it was one meeting in the u.s. and regime, some developments on the military campaign, including the first-time bombing of one target. tell us about that. >> reporter: that's right. the fighting is grinding on here. we're into four months of nato bombing. earlier this morning before dawn tripoli international airport was hit. a precision attack on a radar station there that nato says was being used to detect nato warplanes and libyans denying that completely saying that it was a sichl general target. the fifth day of fighting now in the eastern strategic oil town of brega where rebel fighters have been trying to attack gadhafi forces. they have run up against mind fields and have
. plus, remember libya? the u.s. and nato are still there. an update and price tag live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening. i'm red, white and blue. insid.i'm bret baier. the stalemate shows no signs of ending. two major plans remain under consideration, but neither has much bipartisan support. tonight, though, one has more republican support it did 24 hours ago. we have team fox coverage. ed henry reports on the increasingly dire tone coming from the house, but we begin with chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill gridlock. good evening, mike. >> good evening. they're trying to round up votes from house republican freshmen. earlier in the in the day, the speaker i'd get your ass in line" and back his plan. time was running short as the day was lost in the process. speaker boehner saved his talking for behind closed doors as house republicans are arm-twisting to get the 217 votes for his plan to pass the house. the speaker pulled it back, fine-tuned it, and pushed for the bill to hit floor thursday. >> when push comes to shove, i
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